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 NOVEMBER 7, 2019

  (Spaces will be limited)

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 (This course is offered through Tucson Art Academy Online)


  1. You will have access to my knowledge for a FULL YEAR. This is not a class or a workshop; it’s ongoing study and mentoring.

  2. There’s over 12 hours of stunning High Definition, over-the-shoulder pre-recorded video oil demonstrations to watch with suggested assignments to put what you learn into practice once you enroll. You can watch, do, (and rewatch as many times as you like for added aha’s and deep learning).

  3. This Online course is designed to fit around your schedule. You can learn from your studio or from across the world because it's always open waiting for you to login. You’ll have access for one full year on desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection.

  4. I have group sessions with feedback & critiques every other month throughout the year. You not only hear but see me digitally color correct students submissions right before your eyes. Everyone benefits from each other this way. Plus you’ll have instant access to all of my previous critiques of student work since the course first opened. There’s many eye-opening tips you can use in your work right away.

  5. Every month NEW video lessons are added - these keep the course growing throughout the year! Each lesson addresses a topic with tips & techniques that you can try in your paintings. Students mention all the time how much they enjoy these. They keep you inspired to try new things! And ... you’ll also gain instant access to ALL my previous lessons added since the course first opened.

  6. And—most importantly—you can join my private Facebook community. Get feedback and critiques so you can bring your painting to a more sophisticated, refined work of art. I give YOU full support all-year-long. This one-on-one time is where I can really fine tune areas of interest for you. Plus see what other students are posting, so you can learn from their journeys as well! It’s an amazing community to be part of throughout the year.

  7. And, the best thing about this course: it’s knowledge that keeps on working and working, whether you’re just starting out or a well-established artist. This Online course works for EVERYbody who puts in the effort.



The study has many important factors and plays a major role in exploring the path to the final studio painting. The study can take form either painting from direct observation or photo reference gathered from your on-location experiences. You can think of it in comparison to the importance of a screenplay, where a writer has written an “idea” to which eventual a full featured movie will be produced. The “idea” for the eventual studio painting will be better derived from well thought out and explored studies. Just as a movie has a main character and supporting characters, you too will need to develop what would be considered, a main element and supporting elements within the pictorial. Through demonstration I will show you how all these elements can work in harmony to carry out your “idea". I will enlist good habits for you to follow in exploring the “idea”. These habits directed toward developing your studies will result in more successful studio paintings.


Running with your first idea will work, but those who explore various options will sometimes discover some great possibilities.
I will help you understand the role of options and show you some of mine that I consider while developing my studies. Your primary goal will be to develop the strongest studio painting that is possible all resulting from the efforts you put into the various stages of your studies. You will grasp and understand the idea and leave no rocks unturned!


This is it. Time to put it all together. It’s show time baby! You have been inspired from life’s experiences which will result in your ideas. Developed knowledge of your subject, light affects, your use of the medium and tools translate to skills. Harnessing your ideas with your knowledge and skills will result in success.  I will explain the importance and empower you as the director. Everything will be in your control! You will achieve harmony in your studio paintings through your better understanding and use of the historic principles of good draftsmanship, proper use of value, color mixing and competent brushwork.


The term, happenstance can occur to any artist which could result in a great painting at anytime. Although the ability to produce a great painting on a consistent basis will be our goal. I will demonstrate how you too can replace the occasional happenstance with development, use of good habits and artistic skills. Developing your abilities through exercises that will reveal your weaknesses and make you aware of your strengths. Together we will build on those strengths and overcome your weaknesses.  The results will be increased confidence so you can produce a quality studio painting every time. 

This course has over 12 hours of high definition instructional videos that are designed for artists at every level and in every medium.

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